1. Big Ideas, Big Impact!

    Part of living more simply is to do things that make you happy and that have less impact on our beautiful planet. This week we look at various ways we can start to make a difference. STAY GROUNDED Not only in mind but in body too. Did you know that…

  2. Make Someone’s Day, Send a Letter!

    Send a hand written letter to a friend or family member, or just someone you really appreciate. People still love receiving  letters via Snail mail. Take time, make tea, take a pen, sit someone beautiful and write from the heart.  You’ll make someone’s day. 

  3. How do you practice Simplicity?

    It’s functioning through your true self to live a simple life. It’s getting good at being simple. Self simplicity becomes the clarity in which you find meaning. It’s the removal of the unnecessary. … Self simplicity is the intersection of self-care and minimalism. GIVE Declutter one room at a…

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