Simplify Your Life

Book recommendation this week:

How to Simplify Your Life by Werner Tiki Kustenmacher

Seven proven steps for clearing out the clutter and getting back to the basics of a simple, happy life.

You don’t have to put up with the complications and hassles of an overwhelming daily grind! The international bestseller How to Simplify Your Life will show you how to clear off your desk, clean up your life, and make room for the things that really matter. Packed with practical techniques for simplifying work, money, health, and relationships, this seven-step program gives you the tools you need to lead a fulfilling life.

What better way to start by buying the book from World of Books.  A great company who deal in second hand good quality books instead of them going to landfill. They are cleaned, reused and don’t cost as much as buying new. It’s a win win for all. 

Buy here!

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