The Humble Dandelion

Every flower has its own, unique meaning. Sometimes this meaning is simple and easy to understand, and other times we have to get to know more about a certain flower in order to understand a meaning behind a flower.

Dandelions have many secret meanings that make us want to know more about this, on first glance, ordinary flower.

The name Dandelion was created in the 15th century. Word Dandelion was derived from the words “dens lionis”, which mean lion’s tooth.

The seeds inside the flower, when it is dried down, reminded them of lion’s teeth therefore this name was created.

Slowly, the words Dens lionis transformed into dent-de-lion, which in French had the same translation. This is the name most people use today, since it still is a perfect representation of the flower’s appearance.

Of course, different cultures have different names for this flower, or even several different names, as well as countless different meanings.

Every flower has a secret message and meaning hidden behind it. Dandelion flowers give us an opportunity to make a wish and hope for something better to come. They are also telling us to be strong and to persevere through all of the hard moments in our life, just like this plant does no matter how cold or warm it is outside. They are universal symbols of happiness and joy, and their bright yellow flowers simply bring optimism into our lives.

This humble flower hides these secret meanings:

Emotional Healing

Wishes Coming to Life

The Power of the Sun



Emotional Healing: Dandelions might look simple and humble, but they are certainly symbols of healing. Even leaves of this peculiar flower have healing powers that can make our bodies and souls feel rejuvenated. Dandelion leaves have been used to cure many illnesses and pains, but as a flower symbol, dandelion is the symbol of emotional healing. Since they can endure almost any living condition, they represent overcoming every hardship by standing strong and proud.

Wishes Coming to Life:  Dandelions seeds have been used to make a wish for as long as we can remember. Picking up a flower and blowing to make the seeds fly into the air, and then making a wish is something I did as a child and probably you have too. Some of those wishes did come true, while others still have time to come to life. Next time you see a dried Dandelion, pick it up and make a wish while you blow off the seeds. Perhaps the stars are going to join in and make your wish come to life.

The Power of the Sun: The 3 phases of a dandelion represent the sun, moon and stars. The yellow flower represents the sun, the white puff ball represents the moon and the dispersing seeds represent the stars. How beautiful is that! 


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